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Hussein Mushi

They’re good with communication and always meet deadlines. They remain engaged and give helpful feedback when contacted regardless of the time of day.


Ebenezer Solomon

Verfy satisfiesd my app is now official on App store ,Hakika kweli Tanzania tumepata developer  very passionate


Gervas Johanes

Nougat did amazing job in getting my personal project complete the way i needed to. They really know their thing & they’ve been of great support, since the beginning they reply to every of my emails. Big thank you to them & cant wait to work with them again


Eliah D. Gauche

It’s extremely hard to find companies like nougat that have expertise in Mobile apps development will use this team again for next mobile apps projects and recommend them for any software projects


David Jause

Good Communication we worked remotely and I am very satisfied with the results & my mobile app looks great for my startup company 


Naomi Mollel

Nougat did a very good work they built our MVP and went above and beyond to make sure it worked even better than we hoped and they communicated really well.


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The Mobile app usage has increased 50 times in the first half of 2020.
The global Corona Pandemic has shaken the entire economies but one industry has proven ro be extremely resilient:MOBILE APPS

Shoppping & Fashion Apps
Food Ordering and Delivery
Fintech & Banking Apps
Taxi Booking

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Mobile devices, whether they’re smartphones or tablets, have become items most of us can’t imagine our lives without. The goal behind this list of app usage statistics is to point out how useful these devices can be, how prominent they’ve become, and how much time we can sometimes waste on them. But still, every once in a while,  remember to lift your head up, breath in the fresh air, and forget about technology for just a second.